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  • Transportation

    Defending the Backbone of Our Economy

    The trucking industry and commercial vehicles are the backbone of our economy and Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris & Willis PLLC strives to protect the interests of those upon whom we depend.  MSZ&W’s Trucking & Commercial Vehicles Group is dedicated to supporting these vehicles by providing complete legal representation. 

    We offer to our clients the option of 24 hour emergency response for serious accidents and suggest that this be done because of benefits that it can provide.  We will coordinate with local investigators and experts to ensure an immediate and appropriate response.  Our attorneys will be onsite to coordinate the investigation, counsel the involved driver and act as an intermediary between the client, their driver and any police or investigative organizations involved with the accident. 

    It is this level of representation which allows MSZ&W to protect our client’s interest in the most effective and efficient way.  Nothing is better than being involved as early as possible.  It is this level of service that can ultimately lead to a successful resolution for our clients whether that be in the courtroom or at mediation.

    MSZ&W handles complex litigation in defense of trucking companies and commercial vehicles in a wide array of areas, including personal injury, catastrophic claims (i.e., wrongful death claims), commercial litigation and PIP/no fault reimbursement claims.  We can provide you with the aggressive and practical defense that all clients need at every stage in the litigation process and we appreciate that because commercial transportation incidents frequently involve multiple plaintiffs, catastrophic injuries and significant property damage, our clients are at risk for substantial liability.  

    We work with our clients to design a course of action that is efficient and cost-effective while minimizing exposure to liability claims. 

    MSZ&W can offer to our clients, from immediately after an accident until the end of a claim, assistance with pre-suit investigation, litigation and mediation for both personal injuries and property claims for any type of automobile, motor vehicle, commercial vehicle or truck claim that they may insure.

    Includes: Personal auto, Commercial auto, Trucking, Personal injury protection