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Sandra T. Carson, of the firm’s Maryland office, recently secured a defense verdict for a regional waste removal company after a one-day bench trial in a case arising out of a collision between a trash truck and a passenger vehicle. Liability for the collision was conceded and the parties had resolved Plaintiff’s property damage claims pre-suit; however, Plaintiff filed suit to recover for emotional […]
Recently, in a March 17, 2022 decision, the Supreme Court of New Jersey analyzed the “mode of operation” doctrine’s applicability in a situation where the defendant business sold grapes in a closed clamshell container. Jeter v. Sam’s Club, 250 N.J. 240, 243 (2022). The plaintiff, Aleice Jeter, alleged injuries that resulted from a slip and fall on one or more grapes at a Sam’s […]
“A Campaign for Child Advocacy is an online initiative that will celebrate those who work so hard to amplify the voices and improve the lives of traumatized children. In addition to showing appreciation for all of our volunteers and supporters, the Campaign also allows us to recognize special friends who have dedicated countless hours embracing our mission and changing the story for children and […]
Under New Jersey Court Rule 4:17-7, discovery amendments after the discovery end date are only permissible if the party seeking to amend certifies therein that the information requiring the amendment was not reasonably available or discoverable by the exercise of due diligence prior to the discovery end date. Utilizing this Court Rule, New Jersey associate Timothy O’Donnell recently prevailed on a motion to bar […]
Companies are slowly investing resources into the Metaverse. A few law firms are starting to follow into this new unchartered world — the benefits and pitfalls that await them are numerous and unknown. But first, what is the Metaverse? The term is a combination of the prefix “meta” (meaning beyond) and the stem “verse” (meaning the universe). The term’s very general definition is appropriate […]
In 2019, our client, a stucco remediation contractor was placed on notice of 26 estate homes with stucco claims and shortly thereafter found itself part of over 10 AAA filings and 2 Court of Common Pleas cases all arising out of 26 homes and allegations of non-compliant stucco applications from 2005 through 2015 with a total exposure in excess of five million dollars.  Along […]
The New Jersey and Wheeling Offices teamed up for a double win for a client.  Plaintiff, a resident of Ohio, was involved in a multi-vehicle motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania.  He filed a personal injury claim against our client and several other entities in federal court in Ohio.  Bradley Shafer of the Wheeling Office filed a motion to dismiss arguing the Ohio federal court […]
On Friday, March 11, 2022 a jury in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA rendered a verdict in the case of Michael Fraser vs. Robert and Laura O’Black.  This verdict, the largest in Westmoreland County history, was for $19 Million Dollars. The plaintiff, Michael Fraser, a 21 year old young man, was attending a holiday party at the O’Black residence on July 6, 2013.  According to […]