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  • Employment & Labor

    MSZW Offers Employers A “One Stop” Labor and Employment Team

    Strategically located throughout MSZW’s national coverage, the firm’s Labor and Employment Team is ready to help you resolve any issues that may arise. As a recognized authority on the subject, MSZW’s L&E Team often give presentations for the National Business Institute, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), various trade associations, and in-house client training. 


    Human Resource Support 

    Help is just a phone call away.  MSZW’s L&E Team can assist you in all matters HR.  We can help draft and update your important company documents such as job descriptions, policies, procedures, and handbooks.  We help draft and negotiate employment contracts for consultants, board members, and high ranking corporate officials.  We provide advice and counsel on all forms of leaves of absence, especially FMLA, ADA, workers’ compensation.  Corporate training for compliance purposes as well as supervisor training is available. 

    We conduct internal audits to examine issues arising under equal pay and  wage and hour laws as well as confidential internal investigations.   We handle issues arising under the ADA, including reasonable accommodations, and we can help you with your drug testing policies and procedures.  And, if the time comes for employee disciplinary actions, layoffs, and reductions in force, we have experience in handling those matters as well.     While litigation cannot always be prevented, taking advantage of MSZW L&E Team’s experience ahead of time can put you in the best posture possible to fight off and successfully defend future claims.



    MSZW has extensive experience in both arbitrations and jury trials handling claims for discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowers, and all forms of wrongful discharge. Team lawyers have also handled litigation over non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, breach of employee loyalty, and company trade secrets.


    Government Agency

    If the government is coming, you need a lawyer.  The MSZW L&E Team has successfully handled matters involving state human rights commissions, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, State and US Departments of Labor, OSHA, unemployment and workers’ compensation.


    Organized Workforces

    MSZW’s L&E Team provides employers with advice and counsel as well as litigation support for all things Union.  From negotiating collective bargaining agreements to handling grievances, unfair labor practice charges, lockouts, strikes, and picketing, MSZW’s L&E Team is ready to help.