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  • SIU & First Party Litigation

    Fraud and Special Investigations Cases

    Over the years, the insurance industry has become more aggressive, and rightfully so, in the pursuit, investigation and prosecution of fraudulent claims. MSZ&W’s Fraud and Special Investigations (SIU) Practice vigorously investigates, develops and prosecutes fraud claims against individuals, employees, medical providers, and other perpetrators.  Our lawyers possess the advanced legal skills and industry insight necessary to uncover, analyze and litigate fraudulent insurance claims in first party claims, mediations, arbitrations and trials in state and federal courts throughout the United States.


    Prosecuting A Broad Range of Conduct

    Our SIU team prosecutes a broad range of suspicious and fraudulent conduct involving workers’ compensation, motor vehicle, health, theft, arson, property, personal injury and other questionable and exaggerated claims.  We represent insurers at every stage of the process, from investigating the claim, taking examinations under oath and preparing coverage opinions to filing declaratory judgment actions and litigating the case in court.  Our attorneys offer a wealth of experience and, regardless of whether the case involves an individual claim or a highly sophisticated ring of insurance fraud, we have the capability to successfully handle the matter.


    An Aggressive Stance Against Insurance Fraud

    MSZ&W believes in taking an aggressive stance against the perpetrators of insurance fraud.  Fraudulent insurance claims cost the industry billions of dollars every year and we partner with our clients to find the most effective ways to help combat this problem.  The lawyers in our SIU practice work closely with our clients’ internal SIU units and with leading experts and accident reconstructionists to determine the best strategies for the individual case. 

    We are a results-driven team that vigorously investigates, challenges and prosecutes questionable claims on behalf of the national and regional insurers that we advise and represent.