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  • Professional Services

    Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris & Willis PLLC has broad expertise in defending a variety of professionals in malpractice and other professional liability disputes, including in arbitrations, state and federal court cases and appeals. Our professional Liability clients include Architects & Engineers, Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Clinical Laboratories, Financial Professionals, Real Estate Agents and Brokers and other professionals.

    We possess a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues and are well-versed in the standards by which professional conduct is measured.  We work closely with our professional-liability clients, not only to defend them against claims, but to help them understand their rights and obligations, and the real meaning of the legal or administrative processes to their lives and their work.  

    We take the responsibilities of defending professional malpractice claims seriously and understand that the protection of our clients’ reputations is a crucial consideration. We strive to obtain the most favorable conclusion, as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that our clients can focus their attention on their current clients. We are adept at reaching solutions to these matters through negotiation, arbitration and mediation, but will vigorously defend our clients in court when the claim cannot be resolved through these measures.

    Our lawyers also counsel and defend professionals facing disciplinary actions that may jeopardize their right to practice in their chosen careers. We understand what is at risk and work with our clients to protect their professional licenses and careers in matters brought before state licensing boards and other authorities.

    The attorneys in our Professional Liability Practice and throughout our firm take a proactive approach to our clients’ legal needs. We frequently counsel professionals who come to us with issues before any lawsuit is filed against them. In these situations, we work with our clients to resolve the matter early on so that they can avoid the costs and risks associated with defending against a lawsuit. Additionally, our lawyers develop and present seminars for professionals in various industries to help them implement practices aimed at preventing and managing professional liability claims.

    Includes: Architects & Engineers, Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Clinical Laboratory, Financial Professionals, 42 USC §1983 Claims, Real Estate Agents and Brokers