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MSZL&M is proud to welcome Laura Schinella to the team!

Nov 19, 2020 - About the Firm by

MSZL&M is proud to welcome Laura Schinella to the team!

We are pleased to announce that Laura Schinella, has joined our Central Florida office as an associate attorney.  Ms. Schinella focuses her practice on representing clients in civil and commercial litigation claims involving automobile and first party insurance, premises liability, coverage issues, government liability, and other tort claims. Prior to joining MSZL&M, Ms. Schinella primary focused her practice on representing one of the nation’s largest automobile insurance carriers and its insureds, a local public transit authority, a regional freight-carrier and its insureds, and a multitude of local government agencies. Ms. Schinella brings an unparalleled, high-intensity work ethic that is matched only by her duty to protect her client’s interests while respecting the contractual obligations between insurance carriers and their insureds. Ms. Schinella understands the importance of keeping all parties fully informed and advised during the pendency of the case.

Ms. Schinella joined MSZL&M with extensive courtroom and trial experience as a criminal defense attorney and, later, an Assistant State Attorney for a combined term of five years. Ms. Schinella’s prior criminal law litigation experience provided her with a unique opportunity to analyze complex legal issues, develop a myriad of factual and legal theories to support high-stakes arguments, and resolve cases through negotiations, motions, or jury trials.

When Ms. Schinella is not dedicating her time to her clients at MSZL&M, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and children, reading, kayaking, and gardening.