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MSZL&M Double Down on Technology to More Effectively Serve the Industry

Jan 9, 2022 - About the Firm by Jay E. Mintzer

On March 18, MSZL&M closed our offices for two weeks to flatten the curve.  Almost two years later, we have been reminded that necessity is the mother of invention and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having a cloud based IT system allowed us to seamlessly transition to working from home without pause.  However, we realized there were aspects of our system that did not meet our current needs.  We embarked on a search for the right practice management system that had strong document management traits.  Utilizing a group of support staff, lawyers, and our IT consultants, we will be rolling out our new system in a few months.

After months of online presentations, debates, and calls with other law firms, MSZL&M will be rolling out STI PracticeMaster as our new Front Office practice management software.  Being a long time STI TABS billing firm, moving to the integrated STI product gives us an integrated platform to allow us many advantages to accommodate an ever changing world.

PracticeMaster is being designed by Affinity Consulting in conjunction with our in house design committee.  The goal is to streamline our process and have an easier document creation system that makes us efficient and nimble.  One of the key components of this design is to provide better metrics to our clients for, amongst other areas, reporting compliance and age of files.

Our document management system (DMS) will be NetDocuments.  With seamless integration into PracticeMaster and Microsoft Office, NetDocuments is the most powerful, user friendly, and secure DMS for our needs.  Utilizing the tools that are embedded in NetDocuments we will no longer need to utilize methods of encryption for transferring data.  All data and document sharing will be undertaken through CollabSpaces, which allows us to move documents in a file into a section of the file that we then share with others.  This allows them to review, copy (when allowed), or revise (when allowed) documents and data without placing it in transit and in an unencrypted state.  The interface for our law firm is being designed to mimic a paper file but with the ability to search every document, filter every document, and identify every document without any delays.

We are expecting a May 2022 roll out and, while we cannot all wait to get back to the office on a full time basis, we welcome the ability to operate virtually with all our colleagues, clients, and insurance carriers.  Any questions about our new system or capabilities, please call.