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Brian A. Eves recently presented on a panel at the CLM Southeast Conference on October 4, 2019 in Kissimmee, Florida.  The seminar class topic was “Consumer Product & Appliance Failures: Manufacturer vs Consumer,” which he presented along with along with Timothy Tresierras, ARCCA, Inc., Gregory Vacek, Chubb; and Ilene Munk, Foley & Mansfield.  The panel covered primary causation and subrogation issues, including case studies involving consumer products. Mr. Eves presented on real world application in litigation, and how adjusters, clients, and counsel can work together to effective and efficiently handle claims based on the scope of the damages.
In our April 2, 2019 article, “New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Claimant Cannot Recover Economic Loss For Difference in Coverage When Electing Lower PIP Coverage,” we reported on the New Jersey Supreme Court’s March 26, 2019 ruling in Haines v. Taft, 237 NJ 271, that plaintiffs were barred from recovering against a tortfeasor the amount of unpaid medical bills in excess of their PIP […]
There is no Presumptive Rule that Materials Collected Prior to the Commencement of Litigation are Not Protected by New Jersey’s Work Product Doctrine The New Jersey Appellate Division recently held in the matter of Paladino v. Auletto Enter., Inc. (No. A-0232-18T1, June 6, 2019) that there is no per se rule that materials collected before the commencement of litigation are not prepared in anticipation […]
(June, 2019)  On September 19, 2015, the employees of a fast food Restaurant in Brewster Washington closed at 1:00 AM.  At 2:30 AM, a fryer that was inadvertently left on malfunctioned, and exceeded its operating temperature limit, resulting in a flash over and fire in the vat.  Triggering the Ansul system, the fire should have been extinguished and damages of less than $50,000 incurred.  […]
(June 2019) Phillip B. Silverman, Senior Litigation Counsel at the firm’s Eastern Pennsylvania office, was honored by the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel  as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award during this year’s June 4th Annual Meeting. He was honored for his extraordinary 50 year career entirely focused on civil defense litigation. The PADC is the professional organization of civil defense litigators in […]
(May, 2019)  New York Managing Partner Bradley J. Levien recently went to trial in Suffolk County, New York on behalf of a national furniture retailer.  Plaintiff claimed to have fallen in one of their parking lots while riding a motorized unicycle.  Plaintiff, a court stenographer, claimed to have suffered a fractured shoulder and missed time from work as a result.  Mr. Levien demonstrated the […]
(May, 2019)  Lawrence Kelly, Esquire, a partner in our Philadelphia Office  recently received a defense verdict after a three day jury trial in Delaware County, PA.  The plaintiff was a patron at our client’s casino when she alleges she was injured due to the negligence of one of the casino’s employees.  According to the plaintiff, as she was walking near a blackjack tournament that […]
(May, 2019) New York Managing Partner Bradley J. Levien and Associate Anna Saruski recently went to trial in Broward County, Florida on behalf of a large, national retail chain.  Plaintiff claimed to have slipped and fallen in one of their stores.  Subsequent to the incident, she underwent two (2) arthroscopic surgeries on her left knee and one on her right.  At trial, her doctor […]
(May, 2019), Maryland Managing Partner, George Bogris and Aman Aulakh obtained summary judgment in a claim against a snow removal contractor. Plaintiff fell in a parking lot as she exited her car to go to work. She slipped just as she exited the vehicle and struck her back on the door frame. Plaintiff was injured in March 2015 and never returned to work. Plaintiff […]
In New Jersey, a common carrier is a bus, train, taxicab, and/or other vehicle similarly engaged in public transportation.  When determining whether a common carrier is negligent, the standard is higher than the typical negligence standard in New Jersey.  Generally, negligence is found when a party has failed to exercise the degree of care for the safety of others which a person of ordinary […]