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  • Medical Malpractice, Physicians, Surgeons, Allied Health Litigation and Health Care

    Protecting Health Care Providers against Medical Malpractice Claims

    The practice of medicine is a matter of science and art.  As medical treatments continue to lengthen lifespans and improve quality of life, many lawsuits are spawned by unrealistic expectations rather than actual medical negligence.  The attorneys at Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris Ledva & Meyers LLP work with healthcare providers including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, physicians, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals – in medical malpractice cases to provide a defense that is aggressive yet measured and appropriate to the claim.  Medical malpractice cases are particularly sensitive and involve a complex interplay of legal and medical issues.  The attorneys in our practice have a wealth of experience representing providers in complex, high stakes medical malpractice actions.  We handle medical malpractice cases, including,

    • Birth Injuries
    • Emergency Room Negligence
    • Dental Malpractice
    • Failure to Diagnose
    • Hospital Malpractice
    • Nursing Malpractice
    • Psychiatric Malpractice
    • Wrongful Death
    • Nursing Home Negligence

    Our lawyers understand the unique nuances associated with these types of claims and take quick and diligent action to defend our clients and protect their professional reputations and careers.

    When medical malpractice actions arise, our attorneys work with clients to develop a focused plan of defense at the earliest possible stage.  We conduct a thorough investigation of the claim, carefully reviewing all records and consulting with recognized experts in the field. Our legal team provides clients with a straightforward analysis of their case so that they have the information they need to make sound and informed decisions.