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COVID-19 Update: MSZL&M to remain in operation as normal during this time. Read More      Close

COVID-19 Update: MSZL&M to remain in operation as normal during this time. Read More      Close

  • Food Borne Illness & Recall

    Protecting Retailers and Manufacturers Facing Food Contamination and Food-Borne Illness Clams

    Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris Ledva & Meyers LLP has served as a strategic partner with food retailers and manufacturers for many years.  Over the course of that relationship, we have defended and tried a wide variety of claims, ranging from food allergies and foreign objects to product tampering and food contamination.  When these highly sensitive claims arise, our lawyers take quick action to protect our clients’ brands and reputations while mounting a strong and effective defense.

    For years we have defended cases involving pathogens such as salmonella, hepatitis, E-Coli, and 0157-H7.  When a client faces an allegation of food contamination or any other food-related claim, our lawyers initiate a full investigation so that we can effectively evaluate our client’s potential liability and damage exposure. We appreciate the complex nature of these types of claims and consult with food and medical experts who can provide the technical analysis and testimony needed to build a successful defense.  Our lawyers recognize that these claims can be very damaging for our clients’ businesses and work to minimize media scrutiny and other negative publicity surrounding the matter.

    Helping Clients Make the Best Decisions for their Businesses

    Our lawyers are committed to ensuring that food retailers and manufacturers have the information and advice they need to make the best decisions when they are confronted with a foodborne illness or food contamination claim.  In many instances, resolving the matter quickly, outside of litigation, is the path that our clients choose.  In these situations, our lawyers negotiate from a position of power to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.  When a case cannot be effectively resolved through negotiation, our attorneys aggressively protect our clients’ interests in all forums, including mediation and arbitration proceedings, as well as in state and federal court.