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  • Commercial Transportation

    Protecting the Interests of Trucking Companies, Bus Companies and Insurance Carriers

    The laws governing transportation are constantly evolving and encompass complex issues involving all types of common and private carriers.  The attorneys in our Commercial Transportation Practice represent trucking and bus companies and their insurers in complex tort and coverage litigation, including motor vehicle accident litigation, insurance coverage disputes and freight claims.

    Our legal team has a full understanding of the numerous laws and standards governing commercial transportation operations, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and other state and federal regulations. We vigorously represent our clients at every stage of the legal dispute, from negotiating advantageous settlements to arbitrating and mediating claims, to litigating disputes in state and federal court. 

    Comprehensive Assistance

    When a trucking or bus accident occurs, our attorneys provide immediate and comprehensive support.  We are on the scene as early as possible, working to identify and interview witnesses and preserve the evidence necessary to fully evaluate the accident.  Our team works with leading accident reconstructionists, engineers, and medical specialists who provide the insight we need to make an accurate assessment of causation, injuries and potential damage amounts.  We also undertake a full review of the parties’ insurance policies so that we can produce a comprehensive and detailed analysis of all coverage issues.

    MSZL&M attorneys appreciate that because commercial transportation incidents frequently involve multiple plaintiffs, catastrophic injuries and significant property damage, our clients are at risk for substantial liability.   We work with our clients to design a course of action that is efficient and cost-effective while minimizing exposure to liability claims.