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Mintzer Sarowitz Flexes Regional Muscles

Oct 13, 2020 - About the Firm by

Mintzer Sarowitz has offices spread throughout the Northeast, MidAtlantic, Midwest, and Florida.  The firm also has a diverse practice group, including labor and employment.  Recently, the firm was able to provide expedited services to an institutional client on short notice.  The client’s Virginia location became ensnared in a post-accident investigation conducted by a state agency.  The client reached out to its attorney, George Bogris, in Maryland.  George reached out to his partner, Bradley Shafer, in West Virginia, who has experience in OSHA investigations.  The client was quickly prepped for the investigation, assistance was provided in retrieving documents to produce to the agency, and Shafer personally traveled to Virginia to be present for the agency interview conference.  The matter concluded with no findings against the client. 

This is but one example of MSZLM ability to provide a wide range of services to its clientele on a multi-state basis.