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Matthew R. Harris Attorney Image
NJ Presumes Workers Compensation  Coverage for Essential Workers Who Contract COVID-19 By:  Matthew Harris, Esq. Governor Phil Murphy signed law that immediately went into effect on September 14, 2020 that created a rebuttable presumption that, absent demonstrable proof to the contrary, “essential” workers who contract COVID-19 at work will be entitled to workers compensation coverage and benefits for their illness.  Notably, the law is […]
Maryland’s Highest Court Overrules Frye-Reed, Officially welcoming the era of Daubert By Saad Malik, Esquire On August 28, 2020, the Maryland Court of Appeals voted 4-3 to officially adopt Daubert as the standard by which courts admit or exclude expert testimony, abandoning the previously standing Frye-Reed test.  See Rochkind v. Stevenson, Case No. 47, September 2019 Term (Aug. 28, 2020).  In 1978, Maryland Courts […]
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STATUS OF PHILADELPHIA COURT SYSTEM IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC By, Steven Cherry PHILADELPHIA, PA , September 08, 2020 —  For those of you who may be interested in how the Philadelphia Court System has been responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic, here is the current status of civil operations as of September 2020: On March 16, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared a Statewide […]
Jason G. Wehrle
Western District of Missouri Court Gives Potential Life to COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims By: Jason G. Wehrle, Esq. Throughout the country a myriad of lawsuits have been filed by businesses against their insurers seeking business interruption coverage in connection with shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the suits involve different parties and venues, one common thread is the lawsuits involves the question of […]
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Maryland’s Highest Court Upholds Trial Court’s Decision to Give Spoliation Jury Instruction By:  Ashley Friedman, Esquire (August 25, 2020) In its July 27, 2020 opinion in Steamfitters Local Union No. 602 v. Erie Ins. Exch.. and Steamfitters Local Union No. 602 v. Cincinatti Ins. Co., Maryland’s highest court upheld the trial court’s decision to give a spoliation jury instruction. The case stemmed from an […]
MSZL&M’s New York Office Obtains Big Win for Retail Client Allen Kohn from MSZL&M’s New York office recently obtained early dismissal of a complaint against one of the firm’s large NASDAQ-traded retailer clients.  Plaintiff alleged he was Christmas shopping with his partner and granddaughters when security personnel falsely accused him of shoplifting, physically detained him in a security office, stole his personal property, fabricated […]
Ashley B. Friedman Attorney Image
Maryland’s Highest Court Upholds Commercial Property Owner’s Duty of Care to Neighboring Property Owner By Ashley Friedman, Esquire             (August 4, 2020) In its July 27, 2020 opinion in Steamfitters Local Union No. 602 v. Erie Ins. Exch.. and Steamfitters Local Union No. 602 v. Cincinnati Ins. Co., Maryland’s highest court upheld the lower courts’ finding that Steamfitters, as a commercial property owner, owed […]
Ashley B. Friedman Attorney Image
As hair salons, gyms, and many other businesses attempt to reopen in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, an increasingly common sign of the times is the use of a “COVID Waiver.” While some of these waivers simply ask customers to affirm that they are healthy and haven’t been exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, others ask customers to release the business in question from “any and […]
U.S. Supreme Court Tackles Discrimination on Basis of Homosexuality or Transgender Status in Recent Majority Opinion. Imagine an employer’s application form offered a box to check if you, the applicant, were homosexual or transgender.  How does an employer provide instructions for filling out this portion of the application without using the words “man”, “woman”, “sex” or some other synonym? Now, imagine an employer has […]