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Attorney Highlight – Sandra Carson

My name is Sandee Carson. I am from a small town in central New York called Vernon but I currently live in north of Baltimore, Maryland, and I work at the Maryland Office of Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris Ledva & Meyers LLP.

What Is Your Background?

I was born in a small town in upstate New York. I grew up in a family with three siblings, and my dad is a teacher. I went to college in Ithaca, New York, I have a BA in English from Ithaca College, where I graduated in 1992. I then moved to Maryland in 1993, where I attended the University of Maryland School of Law. I graduated there in 1996, and stuck around in the Maryland area and have been working here ever since.

What Areas of Practice Do You Focus On?

My practice focuses largely on retail, restaurant, hospitality, premises liability cases, defense of those types of entities. I also do a lot of work in fire and life safety areas where we represent fire protection contractors in both litigation, and we also provide just general counseling for those entities. I also do work in clinical laboratory malpractice matters and just general insurance defense where we represent any number of clients on a number of matters.

What Is Your Most Memorable Case?

I have represented a defendant in the case that was brought by a pro se plaintiff who was an attorney who was clearly not a litigator, and it has been a very interesting ride as she tries to navigate the federal court system. In the process, fending off numerous motions that are baseless, having discovery disputes, motions to reconsider based on nothing. She has irritated the judge, she has refused to accept rulings that have been made. It’s just an interesting case that has caused me stress and anxiety, but it’s also given me a great deal of enjoyment as I go through, and I’m able to sort of take apart what it is that she’s doing. It really does show me that having a good lawyer on your side is important even if you are a lawyer.

What Is One Of Your Biggest Successes?

Several years ago, I was defending a clinical laboratory in a suit that alleged failure to timely transmit PSA prostate testing, which resulted in the plaintiff being late diagnosed with cancer and having a very late stage cancer and very small chances of survival. And what we were able to do in that case was to get an IT person who could explain a printed sheet of gibberish that looked like computer code, and explain to the jury in a phenomenal way why it showed that the lab results were timely prepared, that they were delivered to the printer and that they printed on the printer and that the printer wasn’t jammed. Basically every what if scenario that the plaintiffs came up with, this gentleman was able to explain based on this nonsense code looked like nothing. The jury was right there eating out of the palm of his hand and we were able to get a defense verdict for our client and that case, while the doctors themselves were hit for over one million dollars.

What Do You Like About Being An Attorney?

One of the things I enjoy most about being an attorney is the idea of crafting the argument. I like being able to take the facts, the evidence, and the law and put together a story, whether I’m arguing in court, whether I’m writing it in a motion, it’s taking all of that and putting it together in a way that is compelling and persuasive and that really just gets our story out there the way we want it. There’s so many different areas that I get to do that in such as different backgrounds and different disciplines. But it’s always very fun; It’s really one of the things I enjoy is how I can pull all those pieces together and make an argument that hopefully convinces someone that that it’s the right one.

What Do You Like About Living In The Baltimore Area?

One of the things I like about living near Baltimore, is I grew up in a very small town in a very rural area, probably as many cows is where people where I grew up. So coming to Baltimore was an adventure in a more urban setting. While it’s a small city, to me, it was a big city and it does offer a lot of big city amenities. There are theaters and art galleries. There’s professional football and professional baseball, there’s a beautiful waterfront and you’re close to DC. I’m a train ride from all the wonderful things DC has to offer in terms of culture, and history and it has given me a chance to live in an area that is suburban and very close knit community, but still be so close to the things that I never had a chance to experience when I was growing up, like going to an NFL game or going to an art museum or going to a fabulous aquarium or you know, all the historical places in DC. So that’s really what I like about living in this area.

What Is A Fun Fact About You?

I went to college originally because my goal was to be a music teacher. I was a music education major. I played the flute from the time I was in fourth grade through today. I still play and that music runs through my life in other ways as well including a year I spent working as a DJ, between college and law school at a small radio station in Oneida New York, where from 6am to noon, every Sunday, I was the radio station. I was the engineer. I was the On Air talent. I gathered up the news of the weather. And it was a really fun experience, despite the fact that my father never fails to remind me that for an entire year, every Sunday morning I never ever said my name.