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Attorney Highlight – Kimberly Murphy


My name is Kim Murphy. I am currently living in South Jersey, but I’m originally from Indiana, and I work in the Cherry Hill New Jersey office of Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris Ledva & Meyers LLP.

What Is Your Background?

I was born and raised in Indiana, where I lived until I went to college. I attended the University of Wisconsin Madison – go badgers! I graduated in 1985 and then came out to New Jersey to go to law school. I went to Rutgers law school in Camden and graduated in 1988. I am married and I have two wonderful daughters that I am exceptionally proud of

What Areas of Practice Do You Focus On?

I practice solely in the state of New Jersey, I do workers compensation defense and insurance defense focusing on premises liability, and commercial and auto litigation.

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

I think the moment in my career that I’m proudest of is when I was made partner in 1999. I was the first female partner of the firm and I was the first female Managing Partner of one of our offices. I was very proud of that and I think it’s a great accomplishment for women. I like to serve as a mentor for other women in our firm who are moving up the ranks.

What Do You Like About Being An Attorney?

I like to use the law to help my clients make decisions and shape their businesses.  I think what I like most is going into court. I like the debate; I like the back and forth. I like being able to apply the law to every different situation, hopefully to the betterment of my client. 

What Kind of Work Do You Do Within The Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The firm started the diversity and inclusion committee about two years ago. Our goal was to expand our firm in a direction that was more inclusive of the community that we live in. It is our belief that the more we reflect our community, the better the firm will be. It gives us a very perspective, which generates better ideas to solve complex issues. 

As part of our diversity and inclusion committee, I started the women’s employee resource group. During the pandemic, we weren’t really able to see each other one on one very often. So we started this group for the women attorneys in the firm to get together to discuss problems we may be having, work life balance, and share our successes and our obstacles that we face as females in this industry. We provide mentoring, and it’s just a great opportunity for us to have a back and forth dialogue to make women feel more included in the firm and, again, address some issues that women face in this industry. 

Part of the DNI work that we do in the firm includes a lot of community outreach and I’m so proud of many accomplishments, and community outreach the attorneys have made in the firm. In Philadelphia, they’re very involved in the Support Center for Child advocates. In Maryland, they are involved in a Summer Scholars Program, where they take minority students from the local law schools, and have them work in an internship for the summer. Also in New Jersey, we’re very involved in Rutgers, my alma mater’s minority student program, including contributing to events they have throughout the year, and a mentoring program. All right, that was great.

What Is A Fun Fact About You?

In high school I was in a spelunking club. We used to go caving. Some people might not know this about Indiana, but in southern Indiana, there are a lot of caves. We would have our miners hat on with the spotlight and we would get very dirty and crawl through small holes. And I think about the fact that I did that now and it makes me very claustrophobic, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

What Are Your Charitable Endeavors?

I’m actively involved in the minority student mentoring program at Rutgers University. It has been just a joy for me to get to know some of these remarkable first year students. In fact, we were able to recently hire one of the first years I was mentoring. She is now working in our Philadelphia office. I think I’m getting more out of the mentoring program than the students but I’ve really, really enjoyed it! I’m also very involved in reproductive rights. I work with a couple groups here in New Jersey on that issue as well.