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Yearly Archives: 2015

Ronald Meltzer and the Continued Use of Perjury in Litigation

Client Resources | 3 Dec 2015 | by

Unfortunately, the use of perjured or false testimony continues to be practiced to this very day, be it through deposition testimony, affidavits, or even testimony at trial.  A careful practitioner must be aware of his or her clients’ proclivity for falsehoods and take steps to avoid suborning perjury.  Moreover, attorneys should take steps to even avoid the acquiescence of perjured testimony. In the recent […]

Workers’ Compensation Subrogation: Moving Forward in Pennsylvania after The Hartford Insurance Group on Behalf of Chunli Chen v. Kafumba Kamara, Thrifty Car Rental, and Rental Car Finance Group

Recent Verdicts | 1 Jan 2015 | by

In The Hartford Ins. Grp. on Behalf of Chen v. Kamara, 155 A.3d 1108 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2017) (“Hartford”),the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a ruling that caused a monumental shift in workers’ compensation subrogation litigation.  The court ruled that a subrogated workers’ compensation insurance carrier is entitled to bring suit against a third-party tortfeasor on its own initiative when the carrier conforms to the guidelines set […]